Man in space

Vzaimodeistviye-2 Experiment


Study of regularities of intra- and inter-group (interaction with MCC) dynamics during a long-duration spaceflight of the international crew.


  • Continue collection of data on the dynamics of interpersonal perception under the influence of stress factors of a spaceflight on a large cohort to obtain statistically valid results.
  • Study the effect of cross-cultural factors on the interpersonal and intergroup interaction.
  • Study specifics of the crew perception of MCC during LSF.
  • Confirm the obtained data on the relationship defining the structure integrity of assessments of the immediate environment and tension of the interpersonal and intergroup interaction.

Used hardware:

  • Onboard medical support computer T61p Laptop RSE-MED;
  • Data storage device "VZAIMODEISTVIYE-2".

Expected Results:

Acquisition of new data on the effectiveness of interpersonal and intergroup (between the crew and MCC) interaction, and also relationship of the efficiency of interaction and cross-cultural factors. The trends of intergroup behavior in the international crew identified in the study will serve the basis for recommendations for pre-flight psychological training of the Russian cosmonauts, optimization of interaction within the international crew.

Experiment Results:

The SC result is data on the data storage device VZAIMODEISTVIYE-2 to be returned to the Earth for further processing and analysis of the results.

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