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Biocard Experiment


Acquiring new scientific information for a better understanding of the cardiac output change mechanisms, namely electrophysiology of the heart on exposure to negative pressure on the lower part of the body (NPLB) in long-duration microgravity conditions.


  • Integrated estimate of rhythm, conduction, electromotive force (EMF) of the heart, time and amplitude characteristics of waves and intervals of electrocardiogram.
  • Analysis of the end part of ventricular complex. especially in those myocardium zones where no changes can be diagnosed (lower, posterolateral and postebasal compartments of the left ventricle, high compartments of anterior wall of the left ventricle, interventricular septum, anterior wall of the left ventricle and, indirectly, the right ventricle) by earlier used procedures (particularly when recording ECG in DS lead),
  • Study of laws and individual features of bioelectric activity of the heart based on the results of ECG - factor of twelve leads on exposure to NPLB.
  • Study of parameter changes of positional character ECG at NPLB in flight.

Used Science Hardware:

When carrying out the experiment the following flight equipment for medical control is used:

  • Complex "Gamma-1M" intended for recording ECG in twelve leads;
  • Sphygmomanometer "Tenzoplus" intended for measuring the blood pressure;
  • Pneumovacuum suit (PVS) "Chibis-M" intended to exert negative pressure in the lower part of the body.

Expected Results:

The effect of carrying out SE is related to acquisition of new information allowing to extend the diagnostic capabilities of medical control for evaluation of the functional state of cardiovascular system in microgravity conditions and develop recommendations for rational planning supervision in different flight phases.

Experiment Results:

The experiment results are information arrays which are delivered to automated work station (AWS) for the medical support group in telemetry information flow. The total amount of information per one session is about 1 Mbyte.

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