Man in space

SPLANH Experiment


Receiving fundamental data on structural-functional state of different sections of gastroenteric tract, organs and vessels of abdominal cavity, retroperitoneal space and mechanisms on which they are based, which determine features of the digestive system changes in weightlessness.


  • Conduct of the initial series of studies to reveal a specific character of electric activity of different sections of gastroenteric tract in weightlessness using Splankh-1 set.
  • Determination of biochemical factors using flight complex REFLOTRON-4.

Used Science Hardware:

  • Kit Splankh-1. Instrument;
  • Kit Splankh-1, KRM (3 pcs.);
  • Kit Splankh-1. Data (2 pcs.).

Used Flight Equipment:

Complex Reflotron-4 consisting of:

  • Reflotron-4 Analyzer;
  • Reflotron-4 Kit;
  • Set of Reflotron-4 measuring plates.

Expected Results:

Receiving new complex data revealing features of the digestive system state and investigation of mechanisms defining this state and, in particular, hemodynamic one, related to deceleration of venous drainage from the abdominal cavity venous system.

Experiment Results:

The results of epicutaneous electrogastrogram are recorded during examination on the memory card of autonomous device Splankhograph as files.
The results of biochemical examination are recorded in the Table of biochemical examination results, photographed and transmitted though radio system channels to downlink data to the ground after each examination.

ISS Crew