Man in space

Vzaimodeystviye Experiment


Study of small group (space crew) behavioral laws throughout long-duration space flight.


  • Study of personal, cultural and national differences impacts on mutual perception of crew members, group structure.
  • Study of the dynamics of crew members mutual selfperception and perception under stress during different phases of long-duration flight.
  • Study of the group dynamics throughout long-duration flight.

Science Hardware Used:

  • Vzaimodeystviye Kit

Flight Equipment Used:

  • Computer Think Pad A31P with accessories kit

Expected Results:

Regular testing in the course of flight will make it possible to reveal changes in relationships within crew throughout long-duration flight; optimize psychological support and update recommendations for crew psychological selection and training.

Experiment Results:

During conduct of the experiment, time of characters assessment and quantitative evaluations of characters are recorded using 12 scales (pairs of criteria). All indices are entered in memory card to be delivered to Earth as part of kit Vzaimodestviye.

ISS Crew

Shannon Walker WALKER

leg Novitskiy Novitskiy

Petr Dubrov Dubrov

Mark Vande Hei Vande Hei

Michael Hopkins Hopkins

Victor Glover Glover

Soichi Noguchi Noguchi