Geophysics research on ISS Russian Segment

Obstanovka Experiment


Organization and support of ecological low-frequency electromagnetic monitoring of environmental disturbances based upon facilities and hardware; taking plasma-wave measurements onboard the ISS under basic research programs devoted to Sun-Earth relations in the most active ionospheric area - F2 layer.
Generation of experimental database on Earth ionospheric electromagnetic state in order to detect and prevent its disastrous changes.


  1. Determining spectral density of electromagnetic, electrostatic and magnetic fields in the frequency range from a fraction of Hz to tens of megaHz in the stage of single-axis measurements on exposure to different orbital flight factors, including effects of artificial origin.
  2. Measurements of Earth magnetic field intensity vectors along flight course.
  3. Determining plasma particles flow density fluctuation spectra.

Scientific equipment in use:

Plasma-wave complex (PWC).
PWC complex incorporates KVD1 and KVD2 units attached to adapters and a set of sensors accommodated on two collapsible rods, as well as telemetry information storage unit (TISU) with replaceable recorder unit (RRU).

Expected results:

Study of the problem of ensured long-term sustained operation of superlarge SC in orbit by analyzing sufficiently large quantity of accumulated full-scale experimental data on electromagnetic environment (EME).

Experiment Results:

Service and scientific TMI downlinked to the ground over 2-12 channels, as well as recorded on hard disk and replaceable recorder unit (RRU).

ISS Crew