Geophysics research on ISS Russian Segment

Molniya-Gamma Experiment


  • Investigation of the atmospheric gamma-ray bursts and optical radiation in conditions of the thunderstorm activity and exceptional verification of the nature of atmospheric discharges Sprite and Jet predicted by theory according to which Sprite and Jet are an altitude breakdown of the atmosphere on runaway electrons.


  • Install the optical and gamma-radiation detectors placed in one unit at the external surface of the Station.
  • Install the data control and acquisition module inside the ISS RS pressurized module.
  • Holding measurement sessions of the duration up to two days in the automatic mode with a periodicity no less than once a month for a year.

Science Hardware Used:

Photon-Gamma hardware consisting of:

  • DCAM (data control and acquisition module);
  • ITCM (independent temperature control module);
  • ESU monoblock (external sensor unit);
  • SE Molnia-Gamma cable kit.

Monoblock Foton-Gamma Data and control module Gamma-detectors

Expected Results:

  • Explanation of a physical nature of altitude discharges;
  • Acquisition of new data to assure the flight safety in the thunderous atmosphere.

Experiment Results:

  • Real-time scientific and service data transmitted to the ground.
  • Replaceable hard disks with the experiment results.