Geophysics research on ISS Russian Segment

Impuls Experiment


Study of a capability to use the pulsed plasma injectors as the ionospheric disturbance sources and low-frequency electromagnetic wave sources; study of space environment disturbances by artificial plasma flows and their effect on radio waves propagation.


  • Delivery of PPI-SM science hardware as an assembly and equipment (devices and cables) for space experiment (SE) on the ISS RS.
  • Mounting of SE equipment and test setup connection for hardware mating with service systems (onboard equipment control system and onboard measurement system) inside the pressurized module.
  • Installation of hardware on universal work site (UWS-D) and cable running during extravehicular activity.
  • Test checks of the equipment operability.
  • Measurement of the ISS electrical background in a flight.

Science Hardware Used:

  • PPI-SM hardware as an assembly:
    • Pulsed plasma injector IPI-100
      for the pulsed plasma flows generation and injection into space;
    • Electrophysical parameters control complex
      to study electrophysical parameters near the surface of the ISS RS Service Module
  • Kit IMPULS SE Equipment;
  • Reprogrammable memory (2 pcs.);
  • Cable holder (3 pcs.)

Flight Equipment Used:

  • Power switching unit BSK-5V.

Expected Results:

  • Analysis of a capability to generate magnetosheric waveguides to develop new electromagnetic communication channels.
  • Reception of data for assessment of ultimate technogenic loads on ionospheric medium, changing its properties.

Experiment Results:

The scientific data bank generated by the investigator by the results of analysis and initial processing of telemetry information down linked to the ground via the onboard measurement telemetry system.

ISS Crew