Geophysics research on ISS Russian Segment

Experiment Ten-Mayak


  • Study of USH-radio signal transmit/receive conditions in the mode of onboard radio beacon in the ISS RS using world-wide ham radio network.
  • Determining characteristics of radio Signals retransmitted through onboard transceiver, their quality and spatial distribution.
  • Assessment of disturbing actions, such as re-reflection, shading caused by structural elements and value of the ISS elevation angle.


  • Generation of onboard radio beacon probing pulses as time marks to ground receiving network (including ham radio receivers of USW) and transmission of the measurement results throughout Internet network.
  • Check of the concept of forced radio silence in the mode of short-packet generation by radio communication Protocol AX25.
  • Determining of ISS structural members effect on onboard antenna directional pattern (DP) in flight conditions.
  • Determining zones of DP radio shadowing zones by the station structural members depending upon its spatial orientation.
  • Assessment of ground receiving network non-uniform sensitivity on accuracy in spatial-time measurements.
  • Determining of ground receiving network radio visible configurations depending upon an angle of elevation and light-shadow situation along the flight course.

Science Hardware Used:

  • Ham packet radio system including:
    • transceiver of USW;
    • antenna-feeder device (4 pieces);
    • power supply unit (2 pieces);
    • control computer RSC 2.
  • dedicated software monitoring generation of probing pulses in onboard transceiver in radio beacon mode;

Ground segment:

  • ground receiving network of ham radio packet communication to record probing pulses of onboard radio beacon;
  • Center for Scientific Data Acquisition and Processing (SDA&PC) based upon official Internet-server (TsNIIMASH) for control of receiving network, as well as data acquisition from its measurement points.

Experiment Results:

Files containing data on the recorded radio signals (time, place, frequency-phase characteristics) transmitted through Internet from each ground-based receiver within measurement USW network at the address of the Center for Scientific Data Acquisition and Processing.

ISS Crew