Geophysics research on ISS Russian Segment

Molnyia-SM Experiment


Investigation of optical emissions in the Earth atmosphere and ionosphere associated with thunderstorm and seismic activity.


  • Development tests of methods for monitoring of thunderstorm activity, optical emissions of the Earth atmosphere and ionosphere under different geographic and geophysical conditions.
  • Obtaining statistical data on global distribution of thunderstorm activity in lower and middle latitudes.
  • Investigation of night sky luminescence over areas of seismic activity.

Science Hardware Used:

  • VFS-3M video photometry system
  • LSO equipment
  • A unit of microcameras on a rotary bracket
  • Electronics unit
  • A set of cables

Support Equipment:

  • EGE 1 experiments control unit
  • Power supply unit
  • A set of cables
  • Brackets


  • Magneto-optical disks
  • Removable hard disks

Expected Results:

  • Magneto-optical disk with digital video recording of observations (no less than 10 minutes per one session).
  • Ballistic data for control of measurement results (ISS attitude and altitude, geographic coordinates of a subsatellite point, angle of the Sun, angle of the Moon).
  • Original and decoded telemetry information (on equipment state, operational modes and detected events of lightning).