Geophysics research on ISS Russian Segment

LSO Experiment

"LSO" experiment is incorporated into the French research program ANDROMEDA, which is a constituent part of the "Program for implementation of scientific and application research planned for the third manned expedition ISS-3". CNES is a customer for preparing and carrying out the program of scientific and engineering experiments during the French astronaut mission to ISS RS.


A study of optical radiation emissions in the Earth's atmosphere and ionosphere related to thunderstorm activity and seismological processes (optical emissions in the upper atmosphere and ionosphere that accompany thunderstorms were given the names of "sprites" and "elves").


Measurements of luminous intensity distribution for "sprites" and "elves" and comparison of these data with the intensities of lightning emissions.
Statistical study of "sprite" occurrence frequency and a study of their origin.

Science Hardware Used:

  • 2 digital microcameras on a rotary arm;
  • EGE-LSO electronics unit.

Experiment Results:

Science information recorded on a removable hard disc to be returned to the ground.