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The program of experiments under Eneide ISM project

On 28 January 2005 the russian Federal Space Agency, S.P. Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation Energia and European Space Agency (ESA) concluded a Contract for a mission of the Italian Astronaut, Roberto Vittori, member of the European astronaut corps as Soyuz TMA-6 Flight Engineer and the visiting crew VC-8 to the International Space Station and performance of ENEIDE ISM (ESA) Project science research and experiments.
The ENEIDE ISM Project intends to implement 91 sessions for 23 experiments.

The program of experiments under Eneide ISM project

Life Science
CRISP-2 Study of microgravity effects on the proliferation of neurons for animals (crickets)
Beans germination in space
Production of vegetable sprouts in microgravity
FRTL-5 Utilization of FRTL5 cells as a biological system to measure radiation and microgravity effects
MICROSPACE Study of lyophilized cultures and spores in order to evaluate cell viability and integrity in space
VINO Test of survival and the following growth of tendril grafts from vines coming from the Sassicaia estate in near-earth orbit
HPA Research on the performances of the human upper limb in weightlessness
NGF Investigation of the role of neurotrophins and specifically of NGF in the physiopathological manifestation of stress and in pathologies associated to nervous and immune system disregulations
VSV Studies on the subjective vertical behaviour under exposure to microgravity
ETD-I Evaluation of the orientation of Listing's plane under different gravity conditions and to examine the unilateral otolith-ocular response elicited by radial acceleration during post-flight re-adaptation
FTS Tasting of food products from Lazio region (Italy) in space
MOP-I Vestibular adaptation to a change of gravity
HBM Demonstration of functionality of sensors of a new generation by using which an intelligent clothing for astronauts, capable of checking their life functions will be developed
GOAL Demonstration of peculiar cuts of cloths of new fibers and fabrics for astronauts. Filling the questionnaire

ENEIDE Acquisition of Flight Navigation data for GPS during a free flight phase of the Soyuz TMA including its mated flight as part of the ISS
LAZIO Measurements involving cosmic ray in space, their relation to anomalous phosphene (Light Flash) perception by astronauts, the effect of different shielding materials to reducing the radiation environment and characterization of the magnetic environment inside the ISS
EST Verification of the functioning of particular electronic equipment in the space environment
E-NOSE Demonstration of the technology of the electronic nose that detects odours
SPQR Study of specular point-like quick reference and ISS image
ASIA Evaluation of radiation sensitivity of the electronic board after exposure to microgravity conditions

Educational program
BOP Study of molecular mechanisms regulating human osteoblast biology in microgravity conditions
ESD Acquisition of footage for educational purposes, which demonstrates the electrostatic self-assembly of 3D macroscopic crystals and molecular structures
ARISS-4 Performance of amateur radio sessions from the ISS with schoolchildren and students on the ground to increase their interest in space, science and investigations

* BEANS and SEEDLINGS experiments will be performed in the frame of AGROSPACE Project by a common timeline.

Along with 23 scientific experiments for ENEIDE ISM (ESA) Project to be performed on the Russian Segment of the ISS, the VC-8 program also foresees implementation of Public Relations and Symbolic activities.
In view of an insufficient duration of LVLH attitude during the visiting crew mission SPQR experiment starts before the beginning of VC-8.
MICROSPACE experiment starts from the delivery of the hardware to the ISS RS by Progress M-52 vehicle until the beginning of VC-8 mission.
Four experiments NGF, MOP-I, ENEIDE and EST start in the orbital phase of Soyuz TMA-6 mission and continue on the ISS.
HPA experiment will be conducted on the ISS U.S. On-Orbit Segment using the ISS USOS capabilities.
Nine experiments under ENEDE ISM Project will be conducted by VC-8 Flight Engineer Roberto Vittori on his own without assistance of the Russian cosmonauts. Fourteen experiments are conducted with assistance of ISS-11 Crew Commander S.K. Krikalev and Flight Engineer S.Sh. Sharipov.
ENEIDE ISM Project experiments will use the hardware to be uploaded for this project, as well as hardware already available onboard the ISS RS (left after completion of Marco Polo (in LAZIO experiment), BTF Odissea (in FRTL-5, BOP experiments) and DELTA DSM (in CRISP-2, ETD-I experiments).

For implementation of the research program the following resources are required:


Ascent to the ISS RS

  • by Progress M-52
  • by Soyuz TMA-6



37.22 kg
31.10 kg

68.32 kg

Return of materials with SE results:
by Soyuz TMA-5

15.06 kg


Daily average

up to 100 W

VC-8 Flight Engineer (Roberto Vittori)
39 h 00 min
ISS-11 Commander (S.K. Krikalev)
6 h 50 min
ISS-10 Flight Engineer (S. Sharipov)
3 h 40 min
49 h 30 min

ISS Crew

Hoshide  AkihikoHoshide

leg Novitskiy Novitskiy

Petr Dubrov Dubrov

Mark Vande Hei Vande Hei

Robert Shane

Megan McArthur McArthur