Educational & Humanitarian projects on ISS Russian Segment

Experiment MAI-75


Check for the following capability:

  • To organize personal communication lines between users on the ground and information resources inside the ISS;
  • To use Internet standard protocols to address to information resources inside the ISS;
  • To include an aerospace profile of information and telecommunication resources received during the experiment in the training process for institutions of higher education.


  • Test of general methodology for video image transfer from the ISS RS by amateur radio communication channel (SSTV) and its reception at MAI data reception and processing Center in the interests of educational and commercial projects.
  • Photo and video recording onboard the ISS RS per scenario plans.
  • Reception of initial data for development and use of the space data presentation system to broad sections of users.

Flight Equipment Used:

  • Complex of amateur radio communications package consisting of:
    • USW transceiver (radio station Kenwood TM D700);
    • Antenna feed device (4 pcs.)
    • Power unit (2 pcs.)
    • Control computer with operational system and software packages providing interface with amateur radio station KENWOOD D700.
  • Video camera HDV Sony HVR-Z1;
  • Digital camera Nikon D200;
  • Digital camera Nikon D2X

In the first phase of experiment MAI-75 the following is involved: the photographic and video digital equipment available onboard the ISS RS and used for photo and video recording per scenario plans and the amateur radio communication system with frequency ranges: 144-146 and 430-440 MHz for the subsequent image transfer to the ground.

Experiment Results:

Different video information received during photo and video recording per scenario plans of experiment MAI-75 and other recordings made onboard the ISS RS, earlier recorded and in real time as well.

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