Educational & Humanitarian projects on ISS Russian Segment

APIS Experiment

APIS experiment is a part of the science research program to be performed aboard the ISS RS by Pedro Duque, ESA astronaut of Spanish nationality in the frame of the SSM CERVANTES Project. The European Space Agency is a customer for the preparation and implementation of the scientific program.


Demonstration of rotation of bodies of different configuration which cam depend on body mass distribution (i.e. the structure of the moment of inertia tensor: spherical, cylindrical or ellipsoidal) and the effect of mechanical energy dissipation under external or internal factors.


Video recording of demonstration of concepts of rigid body rotation in zero-g conditions and processing of video materials for educational purposes.

Science Hardware Used:

  • Pouch APIS:
    - APIS pen;
    - Transparent hemispheres APIS (2 pieces);
    - APIS modules (3 pieces);
    - Video tape.

Crew Support Items:

  • Camcorder SONY DSR PD-150P;
  • Universal adapter bracket LIV for video camera attachment.

Experiment Results:

Information recorded on video tapes.