Educational & Humanitarian projects on ISS Russian Segment

EDUCATION Experiment

EDUCATION experiment is a part of the science research activities to be performed aboard the ISS RS by Frank de Winne, ESA astronaut of Belgian nationality in the frame of the ODISSEA Project. The European Space Agency and Belgian Federal Office for Scientific, Technical and Cultural Affairs (OSTC) are customers of the preparation and implementation of the scientific program.


  • Demonstration of some physical phenomena In orbital flight for educational purposes (VIDEO).
  • Implementation of ARISS community activity aimed at the development and support of radio-amateur contact by using the radio station available on the ISS (ARISS).


  • Video filming of the Belgian astronaut demonstrating different physical phenomena: behavior of liquid in weightlessness (air bubble in water drop, water drop on solid surface), behavior of items in zero-gravity conditions (for example, glider and solid object, "drops" of solid item) (VIDEO).
  • Real-time radio transmissions from the ISS, during which schoolboys and students from the selected Belgian schools will ask questions to the Belgian astronaut (ARISS).

Science Hardware Used:

  • Video camera SONY DCR-PC120 with accessories.

Flight Equipment Used:

  • Any items available for demonstration of physical phenomena;
  • Radio-amateur communication hardware.


  • Videotape mini DV (PDVM-40ME);
  • Battery NP/FM50.

Experiment Results:

Videotape mini DV (PDVM-40ME).