Educational & Humanitarian projects on ISS Russian Segment

Kolibry Project


Delivery to orbit and launch into open space of the Kolibry microsatellite (MS) within the long-term space, scientific-educational program of school research microsatellites.
Developmental testing of MS deployment profile assuring safety of ISS and Transport Cargo Vehicle (TCV) Progress-M.


Verification of engineering solutions incorporated into the design of "Kolibry" microsatellite and transport cargo container to deliver and separate the MS from TCV Progress-M. Verification of technological solutions for processing and installing delivered hardware.

Hardware Used:

"Kolibry" system consisting of:

  • microsatellite;

  • transportation and launch container with brackets.

Flight Equipment Used:

  • Video camera BVP-70P.


  • Video-8 video cassette.

Conducting the Experiment:

One day before TCV Progress M undocks from ISS RS, ISS-4 crew visually inspect, dismantle and transport Transport and Launch Container (TLC) with the MS to its installation location and install TLC into its working position on the docking ring of the docking assembly (these operations are to be filmed on video). After TCV pulls away to a safe distance, on the command from MCC-H, MS separates from TCV. As TCV with TLC installed in it separates from ISS RS, video filming shall be conducted from ISS RS by the crew using a standard TV camera of the Service Module, and from TCV using a standard video camera.

Expected Results:

Successful deployment of the micro satellite and return to Earth of a video cassette with a film showing TCV undocking from ISS and MS separation from TCV.

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