Technologies of space exploration

IMPACT Experiment


Development of the computational model of the spatial distribution function in the jet field (in the range of the cassettes installation angles) of the cluster fraction of PIC emissions when implementing the algorithm of ACE operation in the Pulse Train mode.


  • Installation of tablet No. 1 delivered to the ISS with samples installed in the cassette on the handrail of gasdynamic protection device (GPD) of ACE+T units (in SM plane I).
  • Periodic sessions (2-3 times a month) of cassette (tablet) photography held by the crew through VL1 window of the Pirs Module with subsequent image transfer to the ground.

Used Hardware:

  • Tablet No. 1 with material and coating samples and with ACS in the cassette cavities;
  • Transportation tether with spring hooks;
  • Adapter.

Expected Results:

The results obtained in IMPACT SE will allow to determine with great confidence levels of the science hardware and service equipment contamination to predict the rate of their operating parameters degradation and assure toxicological safety of the crew life after insertion of the dismantled science hardware units into the ISS pressurized volume.

Experiment Results:

The experiment result is the fact of the tablet installation on the GPD handrail of ACE+T unit of SM, photos of GPD cavities obtained during EVA session and the tablet photos made through the Pirs Module window.

ISS Crew