Technologies of space exploration

Vibrolab Experiment


  • Developing monitoring methods and means for the ISS RS operation conditions regarding micro vibration acceleration levels in the areas of technical, scientific and technological experiments.


  • Conducting the experiment sessions with sensors on the calibration board.
  • Conducting the experiment sessions with sensors installed in various locations in the ISS SM.

Used science hardware:

Hardware "Sinus -Accord", including:

  • Electronic unit (EU);
  • Unit HFS;
  • Unit HFS-1;
  • Unit LFS;
  • Calibration board;
  • harnesses HFS-EU, HFS-1-EU, LFS-EU;
  • onboard kit (backup memory card, card readers and clamps).

Expected results:

Confirming the main characteristics of the micro g-load measurement system "Sinus-Akkord" and obtaining experimental vibration metric data.

Experiment results:

The experiment result is information on performed measurements in the form of files with digital data arrays.