Technologies of space exploration

Epsilon-NEP Experiment


  • Investigation of the effect of space flight factors on properties of the materials and coatings on the external surfaces of orbital stations in long-term exposure, and development of methods to protect these materials against the effects of space flight factors.


  • A passive mode exposure of SKK on the external surface of MRM2 module.

Used hardware:

  • For performance of the experiment SKK removable cassette from the flight contamination control system is used, in which in addition to flight samples test material samples are installed.

Expected results:

The experiment data will make it possible to develop methods protecting materials and coatings of the external surfaces of the orbital stations against space flight factors.

Experiment results:

The results of "Epsilon-NEP" experiment are material samples exposed to the effect of spaceflight factors; photos of removable cassette SKK taken by cosmonauts during EVA before, after and during the exposure.
Photomaterials are returned to the ground within the flight cargo traffic.