Technologies of space exploration

Proboy Experiment


  • Generating input data for developing a flight onboard system for immediate determination of puncture coordinates under the ISS full-scale flight conditions.


  • Characterizing a permanent interference in real flight conditions to adjust the threshold levels of the system operation;
  • Identifying pulsed sound sources operating on board SM;
  • Characterizing the ambient air in SM impacting the speed of sound wave propagation;
  • Verifying the operational method of immediate determination of puncture coordinates using a simulator of puncture sound wave under full-scale flight conditions.

Science Hardware Used:

  • Acoustic signal conversion unit (ASCU);
  • Standalone recorder (SR);
  • Portable acoustic pulse source ("proboy" simulator).

Expected results:

The input data obtained during the experiment will enable to develop a system of immediate determination of puncture coordinates on the ISS RS SM pressurized blanket by a high-speed micro-meteoroid or man-made particle. In an emergency situation relating to the pressurized blanket puncture it is possible to immediately determine the puncture coordinates during the hardware verification session using the onboard laptop. Otherwise, it is possible to apply a delayed determination of the puncture coordinates using the results of previous measurements, which can be written on a flash memory and transmitted to ground via a transmission channel (RSPI).

Experiment results:

The experiment result is pulsed and continuous noise data in the form of files with digital data arrays and time-stamped signal recordings, as well as information recorded in the protocols by cosmonauts during short-duration sessions with data on atmosphere parameters and puncture coordinates displayed by the system on the onboard laptop during the "puncture" sound wave simulation.