Technologies of space exploration

Biopolimer Experiment


Development of new polymeric materials resistant to biocorrosion.


  • Exposure of polymeric material specimens in the ISS RS pressurized modules to determine their resistance to biocorrosion in space flight conditions.

Science Hardware Used:

  • Science hardware BIOPOLIMER consisting of test specimens of polymeric materials and a container.

The test specimens are the sealed film packets with specimens of polymeric materials. The packets are intended for transportation and storage onboard the ISS RS of polymeric specimens. The number of packets in the container is 4 pcs. Inside the packets there are Petri dishes with polymeric materials damaged by actual microflora in long-term space flights and a disinfectant in different concentrations.

Expected results:

Development of methods to produce polymeric materials resistant to biocorrosion.

Experiment results:

Test specimens of polymeric materials in container BIOPOLIMER, photographic materials on operation with science hardware.