Technologies of space exploration

Kaplya-2 Experiment


Experimental study of hydrodynamics and heat transfer of monodisperse drop flows in conditions of microgravity and high vacuum, as applied to SC drop refrigerators-radiators.


  • Assembly of Science Hardware Kaplya-2 inside MRM1.
  • Verification of the drop generator operation in conditions of microgravity and vacuum, generation of the drop flow with drops about 300 m in diameter.
  • Determination of the key parameters of monodisperse drop flow (diameter, drop rate).
  • Check of the active drop sampler operation.
  • Development test of the continuous flow of working medium from the drop sampler to the drop generators and restoration of the working medium parameters.
  • Operation verification of the closed loop including the drop motion area inside the vacuum chamber of drop refrigerator-radiator module (DRRM).

Used Science Hardware:

  • Drop Refrigerator-Radiator Module (DRRM);
  • Remote Control Panel (RCP);
  • Cables Kit;
  • Hose (vacuuming);
  • Spares.

Used Flight Equipment:

  • Kits with video equipment Kaplya-2 No.No. 01, 02, 03;
  • Laptop T61P (RSK1).

Expected Results:

Study of a capability to use drop refrigerators-radiators (DRR) for heat removal.

Experiment Results:

Measurements of integrated parameters of working medium, data on the drop flow and process in the drop sampler, made from two video cameras. Upon termination of SE session, video information accumulated on flash cards of video cameras is transmitted to onboard laptop RSK1 and copied on hard disks to be returned. Besides, video information is transmitted in real time to MCC through or channel.

ISS Crew