Technologies of space exploration

TEST Experiment


Making chemical, toxicological and microbiological analyses of samples taken from the external surface of the pressurized body on multilayer thermal insulation (MLTI) and under MLTI in the deposition areas of aggressive products of life-support systems and components of the own outer atmosphere.


Sampling during extravehicular activity (EVA) for the assessment of the contamination hazard and correction of measures for safety assurance.

Used science hardware:

The test device (2 pcs.) is the pressurized unit with two samplers placed in the pressure cavities sterilized beforehand.

Expected Results:

The assessment of the contamination hazard during extravehicular activity (EVA) in the drain valve location area of Elektron and Vozdukh systems, life characteristics of the pressurized body and the contamination ingress in the pressurized module atmosphere, correction of safety precautions and a sanitary-hygienic report.

Experiment Results:

Two Test devices with four samples placed in them returned to the ground for the subsequent multiple-aspect analysis.

ISS Crew

Shannon Walker WALKER

leg Novitskiy Novitskiy

Petr Dubrov Dubrov

Mark Vande Hei Vande Hei

Michael Hopkins Hopkins

Victor Glover Glover

Soichi Noguchi Noguchi