Technologies of space exploration

SLS Experiment


Development test of the equipment and demonstration of the Russian procedure of data reception - transmission via the space laser line.


  • Mounting of the equipment of laser communication onboard terminal (LCOT) and LCOT-E external module included during extravehicular activity (EVA).
  • Development test of the basic design and production process solutions on the ISS RS during the space flight, which are implemented in the advanced flight equipment.
  • Development test of data reception - transmission procedure using the laser communication line.

Science Hardware Used:

  • LCOT-E external module as an assembly;
  • LCOT-I internal module;
  • LCOT-E cable reel;
  • Cable set.

Flight Equipment Used:

  • Laptop A31P;
  • Universal work station with its base, platform, fixed plate.

Expected Results:

Definition of rational fields of using of the laser communication channel between SC with the capability to decrease the following: mass, energy consumption of the communication complex, increase the data rate relative to common options using radio waves.
The proposed structure can be used to establish the intersatellite communication lines at a distance of ~ 6000 km and the intersatellite lines for data relay via the satellites in geostationary orbit.

Experiment Results:

Information transmitted in real time with data on characteristics of the communication channel under different conditions to carry out a space experiment, as well as telemetry information (TMI) on the time of LCOT activation and operation.