Technologies of space exploration

VIRU Experiment


  • Increase in efficiency of training and conduct of space experiments by operators through the use of interactive 3D-manuals (virtual manuals) aboard the ISS RS.
  • Development of methodical concepts to create virtual manuals and use them onboard the ISS RS, which provide the crew training and the error reduction when making space experiments onboard the ISS RS.


  • The crew training without the actual science hardware before the first session of operation with this science hardware (for which there is a virtual manual) with a log file generated;
  • Filling in a "questionnaire" after each session of operation with the actual hardware and the mentioned virtual manual;
  • Data downlink to the ground through the Russian digital channels of the onboard radiotelemetry system (log files and a questionnaire) after the end of each session of the experiment.

Science Hardware Used:

Computer RSK2 (Think Pad A31P) with a set of accessories.



Expected Results:

The proposed concept of "virtual simulation" for visual interpretation of work with the hardware will allow to model and simulate the processes and off-nominal situations occurred when working with the science hardware and also different routine operations without the use of the actual science hardware that will significantly decrease the probability of the crew error when conducting the actual experiment and allow to provide the science hardware and the study results preservation in long-term space flights.

Experiment Results:

Log files generated automatically during each session and the record sheets filled in by the crew and containing the error data (the number of incorrectly performed operations) and the time spent by the operators to perform operations with the science hardware (duration) and also the data on the subjective estimate of the operator work with virtual manuals. The recorded data is downlinked to the ground as electronic files after each session of the experiment and used for databank generation.

ISS Crew

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