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The program of experiments under SSM Cervantes project

On 15 May 2003 the Russian Aviation and Space Agency, S.P. Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation Energia and European Space Agency (ESA) concluded a contract to fly Spanish astronaut Pedro Duque, member of the European astronauts team as the transport spacecraft Soyuz TMA-1 flight engineer as the visiting crew VC-5 member to the International Space Station (ISS) and perform science research and experiments under Cervantes SSM Project (ESA).
The Cervantes SSM Project foresees the implementation of 60 sessions and 20 experiments.

The program of experiments under SSM Cervantes project

Life Science
AGEING Effects of microgravity on the motility, behaviour and aging response of Drosophila strains.
ROOT Effects of the space environment on the nuclear structure and function of Arabidopsis thaliana root meristematic cells.
GENEEXPRESSION Effects of the Space environment on the pattern of gene expression of Drosophila melanogaster pupae.
CARDIOCOG-2 Study of changes of human cardiovascular system in zero gravity.
NEUROCOG-2 Study of directed attention brain potential in virtual 3-D space in weightlessness.
SYMPATHO-2 Study of sympathoadrenal activity in microgravity conditions.
BMI-2 Measurement of blood pressure.
MEDOPS* Study of performance of medical procedures in space.

MESSAGE-2 Study of bacterial gene expression (evolution) in space flight.
PROMISS-2** Protein Crystal Growth Monitoring by Digital Holographic Microscope.

NANOSLAB-2** Study of the aggregation mechanism and kinetics of ZSM-5 and Silicalite-1 nanoslabs into ZSM-5 / Silicalite-1 hybrid phases under micro-gravity conditions.
CREW RESTRAINT* Testing of ergonomic crew restraint at ISS.
3D CAMERA Taking of 3D imageries by using 3D camera during flight on Soyuz and ISS.

Geophysical Investigations
LSO-S Observation of lightning and sprites.

Educational program
WINOGRAD Study of influence of microgravity on formation of Winogradsky columns.
CHONDRO Study of effect of microgravity on Chondrocyte cells.
VIDEO-2 Demonstration of action of Newton's Three Laws of Motion in space environment.
APIS Demonstration of effect of microgravity on the behaviour of a rigid body rotating around its center of mass.
THEBAS Demonstration of behaviour of solid spherical bodies of different diameters in closed containers when the system is oscillated in one dimension.
ARISS-2 Performance of radio amateur communication sessions from ISS with schoolchildren and students on the ground.

* Experiments to be performed in the US Segment of the ISS.
** Experiments to be performed in MSG of the US Segment of the ISS.

Public relations and Symbolic activities are planned to be performed within the frame of Cervantes SSM Project.
Sixteen Cervantes SSM Project experiments will be performed in the Russian Segment of the ISS. Four experiments PROMISS-2, NANOSLAB-2, CREW RESTRAINT and MEDOPS will be performed in the US Segment of the ISS.
Three experiments AGEING, ROOT, GENEEXPRESSION will be performed by using one and the same hardware Aquarius-B delivered to ISS RS under Odissea Project.
The Cervantes SSM project experiments will use both the hardware uploaded within this project, and the hardware already available on board the ISS RS. Of the available hardware the flight hardware and Russian scientific hardware, as well as hardware left after completion of the Andromede (for LSO-S, CARDIOCOG-2, NEUROCOG-2), Marko Polo (for CARDIOCOG-2, NEUROCOG-2) and Odissea (AGEING, ROOT, GENEEXPRESSION) missions will be used.

For implementation of the CERVANTES SSM Project experiments and activities the following resources are required:


Ascent to the ISS RS

  • in Progress M-47 logistics vehicle
  • in Progress M1-10 logistics vehicle
  • in Progress M-48 logistics vehicle
  • in Soyuz TMA-3 transport spacecraft



16.00 kg
22.41 kg
18.78 kg
15.54 kg

72.73 kg

Descent of materials with SE results

  • in Soyuz TMA-2 descent capsule


16.30 kg

40 W
Maximum per session
up to 100 W
VC-5 Flight engineer-1 (Pedro Duque)
43 h 25 min
ISS-7 Commander (Yuri Malenchenko)
3 h 20 min
ISS-8 Flight Engineer (Alexander Kaleri)
10 h 45 min
57 h 30 min

ISS Crew

Hoshide  AkihikoHoshide

leg Novitskiy Novitskiy

Petr Dubrov Dubrov

Mark Vande Hei Vande Hei

Robert Shane

Megan McArthur McArthur