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Program of scientific experiments under the BSM CENTENARIO project

On October 18 2005 a contract was concluded between the Federal Space Agency and the Brazilian Space Agency (BSA) to perform a flight of Brazilian astronaut Markos Caesar Pontes as a space flight participant of the visiting crew VC-10 to the International Space station and implementation of the research program under the BSM "CENTENARIO" project (BSA).
The BSM "CENTENARIO" project envisages implementation of 31 sessions of 8 experiments.

The program of experiments under BSM CENTENARIO project

Biomedical research
GOSUM Germination of plant seeds in the microgravity conditions

Biotechnology research
DNARM Reparation of DNA in the microgravity conditions
SMEK Study of microgravity effects on enzyme kinetics
NIP Accumulations of interacting proteins

Engineering research
CEMEX Tests of capillary evaporator in the microgravity conditions
WMHP Miniature wire heat pipes

Educational projects
SEEDS Brazilian seeds Phaseolus vulgaris
CHROPHYL Chlorophyll chromatography

Along with implementation of eight scientific experiments under the BSM "CENTENARIO" project (BSA) on the Russian segment, the VC-10 program envisages implementation of activities on information of the world community and symbolic manipulation (PR & Symbolic).

All the experiments are mainly performed by the VC-10 space flight participant (Brazilian astronaut). However, in two experiments "GOSUM" and "SEEDS" ISS-12 flight-engineer Valery Tokarev will render assistance during photography.

All experiments under the BSM "CENTENARIO" project are performed on the ISS Russian segment.
When implementing activities under the BSM "CENTENARIO" project, both the hardware to be delivered under this project and onboard equipment of the ISS RS is used.

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