Space biology and biotechnology

Name Expected
Experiments Results
ARIL Effects of space flight environment on the expression of strains producing interleukins 1α, 1β, aryl.
ASEPTIK Development of methods and onboard equipment to provide aseptic conditions to conduct biotechnological experiments in a space flight.
BACTERIOPHAGE Investigation of space flight factors effect on bacteriophages.
BIODEGRADATION Development of biological safety assurance techniques for spacecraft.
BIORISK Investigation of impact of space factors on the state of the "microorganisms - substrates" system as applied to the problem of ecological safety of space technology and planetary quarantine.
BIOEMULSIA Study and test of the autonomous reactor of the closed type to produce biomass of microorganisms and biologically active substances without introduction of additional ingredients and removal of metabolic products, development of new moderate-stage and highly efficient technologies on its basis to produce drug preparations.
BIF Investigation of space flight factors effect on technological and biomedical characteristics of bifidobacteria.
KALTSIY Study of microgravity effect on solubility of calcium phosphates in water.
KASKAD Investigation of different types of cell cultivation.
KONSTANTA Investigation of space flight factors effect on enzymatic activity.
CONJUGATION Development test of genetic material transfer process by the method of bacterial conjugation.
LACTOLEN Effects of space flight environment on the lactolen producer strain.
MEMBRANA Investigation of a capability to produce principally new porous materials with a regular structure to use as filters and membranes.
POLIGEN Search for genetic criteria for revealing living organisms with a maximum possible resistance extreme conditions of a prolonged space flight.
STRUKTURA Obtain high-quality protein monocrystals.
E-NOSE Study of bacterial and fungus microflora development on material surfaces in space flight environment using portable gas sensor system E-NOSE.
PLAZMIDA Transfer of plasmid DNA during conjugation in the space flight.
Akvarium Study of the effect of spaceflight conditions on embryogeny, ontogenesis, organogenesis and behavior of heterotrophic organisms (fish) inhabiting in aqueous medium.
Rastenia Effectiveness evaluation of temperature sensors monitoring for life-support systems functioning in long-term space flight.
Regeneratsia-1 Study of impact of space flight development factors on regenerative processes in biological objects by morphological and electrophysiological parameters.
Biofilm Investigation of biofilming mechanisms in microgravity conditions.
Phoenix Study of impact of space environment on the state of genetic apparatus and survivability of dried lymphocytes and bone marrow cells.
Konstanta -2 Studying the effect of spaceflight factors on the isolated ferment-substrate systems.
Produtsent Optimizing the properties of bacterial strains-producers by exposure under orbital spaceflight conditions and subsequent ground selection.
Fagen Studying mutational changes in therapeutic bacteriophages after staying in spaceflight conditions.
Microvir Simulation of behavior of the warm-blooded cells virus system by the example of bacterium + bacteriophage in space environment.
Probiovit Substantiation and an experimental evaluation of the main process steps to produce a probiotic onboard the ISS.
RR Study of rodents.

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