Space biology and biotechnology

Probiovit Experiment


Development of simple and convenient, when implementing it onboard the spacecraft, technology to produce an active treatment-and-prophylactic probiotic product with immunomodulating propertirs.


  • test of technology to produce seeds (freeze-shaped porous pills of probiotic Vitaflor containing two symbiotic strains of lactobacillus (Lactobacillus acidophilus);
  • provision of a nutrient medioum to produce onboard the ISS RS the fermented milk product (freeze-dried drinking milk with its subsequent grinding to obtain a dry powder);
  • development test of the grinding mode of the freeze-dried milk to obtain a powder allowing to produce a homogeneous clot of the fermented milk product;
  • development of the optimum ratio of components of dry mixture (Vitaflor-P): a nutrient medium-seeds used to prepare the fermented milk product onboard the ISS;
  • test of the experiment delivery and implementation conditions in space flight;
  • study of probiotic properties of the samples of fermented milk produced onboard the ISS.

Used science hardware:

  • Probiovit Hardware (Probiovit Kits No.No. 1-4);
  • Termostat TBU-V ser. No. 04;
  • Termostat TBU-V ser. No. 02;
  • Glavboks-S Hardware.

Expected results:

To maintain the cosmonaut health it is necessary to have a tonic preparation onboard the spacecraft The need to develop the drug technology is dictated by the fact that in long-duration missions it is not possible to deliver this drug.
The subsequent utilization of this technology is possible when implementing long-team space flights (Earth, Moon).

Experiment results:

The experiment result is biological material placed in the Mikrovit kit and also other materials such as photography and video imagery.

ISS Crew