Space biology and biotechnology

Produtsent Experiment


Obtaining strain-producers of BAS with optimal properties as a result of exposure in a space flight: increased productivity, genetic stability, improved growth characteristics.


  • Test and optimize the exposure of cultures of recombinant strain-producers under conditions of an orbital space flight.
  • Study a combination of SFF actions inherent to an orbital flight and space environment, properties of the recombinant strains-producers of biologically active substances (BAS).

Case "Bioekologiya"

Used science hardware:

  • Case "Bioekologiya" in a cover;
  • Incubators TBU-V.

Expected results:

A wide range of strains will make it possible to study the effect of a space flight on cultures of producers of various proteins, and demonstrate the versatility of the methodological approach, including exposure on the ISS and subsequent ground selection for obtaining recombinant strains-producers with improved processing properties. The experiment results will find practical use in production of recombinant products in the interests of medicine and veterinary science and in newly developed processes.

Experiment results:

The experiment result is a biological material accommodated in case "Bioekologiya" and accompanying photographs to be returned to the ground.