Space biology and biotechnology

Konstanta-2 Experiment


Obtaining new data on the effects of space environment on the state of the genetic apparatus and survivability of dried human lymphocytes and mouse bone marrow cells.


  • Experimental determination of the enzymatic activity of enzyme preparations in relation to the specific substrate in comparison with the concurrent ground-based experiments, study of the effect of the molecular weight of the enzyme on the enzymatic reaction rate in microgravity.

	Kit  "Konstanta"

Used science hardware:

  • Kit "Konstanta" No. 5;
  • Incubator BU-V.

Used flight hardware:

  • Laptop T61p.

Expected results:

The experiment results are required to develop reliable means of prevention and protection against aggressive space factors, and also to be used in real development of biotechnology needed to implement long-duration spaceflights and colonize space objects in the solar system.

Experiment results:

  • Kit "Konstanta" No.5 to be returned to the ground;
  • Photo and video for each investigation.