Space biology and biotechnology

Rastenia Experiment


Evidence of a capability of monitoring temperature sensors stability in a space flight by the correction method of their ground calibration characteristics (temperature plateau) of a phase transition of working medium in the cell.


  • Study of the melting and crystallization processes (phase transition) of working medium in the experimental cell.
  • Study of a capability to provide stability of the temperature sensors characteristics in spaceflight conditions using the phase transition phenomenen.
  • Obtaining results required hereinafter during development of a procedure for automatic correction of characteristics of temperature sensors being a part of humidity sensors for root-inhabited media of green-houses to compensate the bias error of temperature sensors during long-term operation in spaceflight conditions.

Science Hardware Used:

  • Set TERMO-LADA consisting of:
    • TK-LADA Module;
    • TK-LADA PU Kit;
  • TK-LADA Module.

Expected Results:

Monitoring both the state of experimental cells with media investigated and provision of thermal contacts by all temperature sensors having an effect on SE results interpretation.

Experiment Results:

TK-LADA Modules with CF-memory cards.