Space biology and biotechnology

PLAZMIDA Experiment


Investigation of microgravity effect on the rate of transfer and mobilization of bacteria plasmids.


  • Study of conjugation and mobilization process in space.
  • Assessment of the effect of space flight factors on plasmid DNA transfer rate.

Science Hardware Used:

  • Thermal container Biocont-T, including:
    • Hybridizers Recomb-K
    • Kit with tubes
  • Thermally insulated refrigerator Kriogem-03M

Flight Equipment Used:

  • Refrigerator Kriogem-03M

Experiment Results:

  • Hybridizers Recomb-K with obtained hybrid microorganism strains
  • Kit with tubes with the broth cultures of investigated microorganisms
  • Temperature values recorded by a self-contained temperature data logger with a specified time interval.

Expected Results:

Development of a model of gravity effect on conjugation processes and acquisition of new data on mobilization of extrachromosomal heredity factors.