Space biology and biotechnology

Experiment Membrana


Production of porous polymeric materials, namely filtering elements, membranes, sorbents having a high degree of structural homogeneity of working pores - "molecular sieves" and possessing the improved selectivity characteristics (selective rejection) when they are used in the separation processes of complex mixtures of macromolecules, for example, during extraction of valuable organic and bioorganic preparations in ground-based production.


Study of new technological capabilities to generate a porous structure in microgravity with a high degree of uniformity of spatial distribution and working pore sizes based on the convection-turbulent-free process of phase changes in the polymer solution.

Science Hardware Used :

  • Thermostat Membrana;
  • Kits Membrana with ampules containing water-salt polymer solution (8 pcs. in a kit).

Experiment Results:

Kits Membrana and photodata on operation with kits and thermostat Membrana returned to the ground.

Expected results:

Production of materials (membranes, filters, sorbents) with a high-regular pore structure.