Space biology and biotechnology

Experiment Conjugation


Development of the methods for designing new recombinant producing strains which are essential for protein medicine by means of the bacterial conjugation and plasmid mobilization technique during space flight.


Conduct of the bacterial conjugation process and return of the produced results to Earth.

Science Hardware Used :

  • Thermal insulating container 'Biokont-T';
  • Recomb-K equipment;
  • Thermostatically controlled container 'Akvarius'.

Flight Equipment Used :

  • Thermostat-refrigerator 'Cryogem-03'

Experiment Results:

  • Hybridizers 'Recomb-K' with the generated hybrid strains of microorganisms;
  • Autonomous temperature recorder recording temperature values at a specified time interval.

Expected Results:

As follows from the experimental results, it is planned to select optimal conditions for genetic material transfer during bacterial conjugation and protoplast fusion under orbital flight conditions with a maximum output of new recombinant producing strains, which are essential for protein medicine. The developed procedure will be used to create new producing strains of biologically active substances intended for manufacturing medicines.