Space biology and biotechnology

Experiment Aseptik


Experimental reliability and effectiveness evaluation developed in the ground preparation phase for methods and equipment to provide aseptic conditions for biotechnological experiments conducted in the manned space flight. Development of the flow chart for control check of the Glovebox-S hardware and other equipment sterility to provide aseptic conditions to conduct biotechnological experiments in the orbital flight.


  • Development of methods and equipment for the hardware sterility check.
  • Test of different check modes for the hardware sterilization in a space flight.
Aseptik hardware Aseptik hardware

Science Hardware Used :

  • Hardware Aseptik consisting of:
    • Vozdukh kit;
    • Poverkhnost' kit;
    • Nasos kit.
  • Hardware Glovebox-S consisting of:
    • Glove box;
    • Port kit;
    • Sterilizator kit;
    • ZIP kit.
  • Thermostat.

Experiment Results:

Vozdukh and Poverkhnost' kits returned to the ground with samples and photos taken got during photography of the nutrient medium in these devices.