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The program of experiments under Angkasa MSM project

On September 29, 2005 the Russian Federal Space Agency and the Government of Malaysia signed a Contract for performance of science research activities and experiments under ANGKASA MSM Project during the flight of Malaysian angkasawan Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor Al Masrie as a spaceflight participant of the visiting crew 13 (VC-13) to the International Space Station. Eight experiments under ANGKASA MSM Project (Malaysia) are planned to be performed onboard the ISS RS under VC-13 program. Five experiments of the VC-13 spaceflight participant will be performed under the Malaysian National Program and three experiments under joint program with ESA. Furthermore, public relations and symbolic activities are planned during VC-13 spaceflight participant mission. The ANGKASA MSM Project intends to implement 31 sessions for 8 experiments five sessions of which for two experiments will be performed during Soyuz free flight phase, the remaining experiments will be performed onboard the ISS.

The program of experiments under Angkasa MSM project

Life Science Experiments
ETD-M Effects of microgravity on the motility, behaviour and aging response of Drosophila strains.
MOP-M Vestibular adaptation to g-transitions.
MUSCLE-M Assessment of astronaut deep muscle corset atrophy in response to microgravity exposure.
FIS Malaysian Food In Space.

Biotechnological Experiments
CIS Cells In Space.
MIS Effects of spaceflight on gene expression profiles of E.Cloacae and Acinetobacter baumanii.
PCS Protein Crystallization in Space.

Educational Projects
TOP Study of Spinning Motions in Microgravity Environment.

For implementation of the project experiments and research activities the following resources are required:


Ascent to the ISS RS

  • by Soyuz TMA-11 transport spacecraft

 8.32 kg

Return of materials with SE results in Soyuz TMA-10 descent capsule

 6.14 kg



40 W

Maximum in session

up to 100 W


VC-13 spaceflight participant (Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor Al Masrie)

18 h 00 min

ISS-16 Flight Engineer (Yuri Malenchenko)

  5 h 30 min


23 h 30 min

ISS Crew

Shannon Walker WALKER

leg Novitskiy Novitskiy

Petr Dubrov Dubrov

Mark Vande Hei Vande Hei

Michael Hopkins Hopkins

Victor Glover Glover

Soichi Noguchi Noguchi