ROSCOSMOS. Soyuz MS-07 Crews Prelaunch Press-Conference

December 16, 2017

On December 16, 2017, a press conference of the prime and backup crews of Soyuz MS-07 transport manned spacecraft was held. The cosmonauts and astronauts answered questions from journalists and told about their plans for the upcoming expedition to the International Space Station (ISS), as well as how they are going to celebrate the New Year.

Earlier, the State Commission approved the spacecraft crews. The prime crew consisted of SC commander, ISS-54 flight engineer and ISS-55 commander, Anton SHKAPLEROV, ROSCOSMOS cosmonaut (Russia), SC and ISS-54/55 flight engineers, Scott TINGL, NASA astronaut (USA), and Norishige KANAI, JAXA astronaut (Japan). The backup crew consists of Sergey PROKOPIEV, ROSCOSMOS cosmonaut (Russia), Alexander GERST, ESA astronaut (Germany) and Janet EPPS, NASA astronaut (USA).

During the press conference there was talk of the experiments planned to be performed aboard the ISS, the period of pre-flight training and crew plans in a near-earth orbit.

During a 168-day expedition onboard the station the cosmonauts and astronauts will conduct more than 300 experiments, 60 of which are Russian ones, will celebrate the New Year and a birthday of Anton SHKAPLEROV.

The Soyuz MS-07 commander said that there is a Christmas tree on the station, but soon another one will arrive. It will be delivered by Dragon logistics vehicle.

Anton SHKAPLEROV: This is my third flight, for the third time I will celebrate the New Year in orbit. In just 24 hours we will make 16 revolutions around the Earth and will start celebrating the New Year during the flight over the eastern islands, it will be about 10:00 on the station at that time, then, as Norishige KANAI is our crewmember, we will celebrate the New Year by Japanese time, then by Moscow time, when we are approaching Europe.

In addition, early next year Progress-MS-08 cargo vehicle will deliver gifts to the station for the cosmonaut's birthday from his relatives and Roscosmos.

SHKAPLEROV is going to lay the festive table, make some strong tea and celebrate his birthday by the earth traditions. Having said so, he is sure that he will get gifts, and his colleagues will drag by the ears. "How old I am - so many times they will drag my ears, thank God, in weightlessness it's not very hard and not hurting at all, he added. Commenting on Anton SHKAPLEROV's birthday celebration, JAXA astronaut Norishige KANAI added: Of course, we will amusedly celebrate the birthday of Anton, our best commander in the world. At the moment we wont say what gifts weve prepared, because its going to be a surprise.

In addition, Anton SHKAPLEROV is going to take part in voting at the presidential elections in Russia in March 2018. "I already voted in space last time, when the president of our country was elected. The representative of the electoral commission specially comes to MCC. A list of candidates is sent to space in advance. Further, our representative (authorized representative) explains a procedure to us, after that we move to a separate module of the station, where we have a dedicated closed communication line. Our representative asked us to indicate a candidate for whom we want to vote, so that he put a tick in front of his name. Then our representative put the voting bulletins in a special handbag with the coat of arms of the Russian Federation", said SHKAPLEROV. According to him, cosmonauts, like all conscious citizens of Russia, will take part in the voting.

At the press conference cosmonauts also presented to journalists the Worldskills 2019 flag, which will fly to orbit, puck and GAGARINs mini-cup.

According to the International Space Station flight program, the launch of the manned spacecraft Soyuz MS-07 is scheduled for December 17, 2017 from site No.1 (Gagarins launch pad) of the Baikonur cosmodrome. During long-duration 54/55 ISS expeditions the ISS crew will have to perform more than 50 biological, biotechnological, geophysical, technical and medical experiments. During the mission EVA activities (egress into space) are planned. In addition, the crew will have to perform operations with cargo vehicles (Russian vehicles - Progress MS, US vehicles - Dragon and Signus), maintain the onboard systems of the International Space Station, conduct onboard photo and video imagery, etc. The planned duration of the flight is 168 days.


RSC Energia press-center


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