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Jeanette Jo EPPS

NASA Astronaut, USA

Born on November 2, 1970 in the city of Syracuse, New York.

In 1988 she graduated from Thomas J. Corcoran High School in the city of Syracuse.
In 1992 Janet Epps received a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from LeMoyne College.
In 1994 she received a Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Maryland.
In 2000 Janet Epps received a Ph.D in Aerospace Engineering from the same University.

HOBBIES: travelling, reading.

From 2000 to 2002 she worked as a technical specialist in the Research Laboratory of the Ford Motor Company.
Since 2002 she worked in the Service of Scientific and Technical Intelligence as a Technical Intelligence Officer of the Central Intelligence Agency, for 4 months she worked in Iraq in the Commission for search for mass destruction weapon.
On June 29, 2009 she was enrolled in the NASA Astronaut Corps (the 20th selection, NASA) as a candidate for astronauts. In September 2011 Janet Epps successfully completed a course of general space training.
On April 22, 2016 at site a message appeared about her assignment to the prime crew of the Soyuz MS-09 vehicle.
On June 26, 2016 she began training at Yu.A. Gagarin CTC. The training program included a study of the structure and system of the Soyuz MS MTV and the ISS Russian Segment, training sessions on actions in case of landing in different climatic and geographical zones, individual elements of biomedical training, conducting some joint scientific experiments and also studying the Russian language.
In July 2016 the crew consisting of Aleksandr Samokutyev, Janet Epps and Alexander Gerst passed training in water survival. The crews performed all the tasks of dry, long and short trainings.
On January 4, 2017 Janet Epps appointment to the crew of the ISS-56/57 Expeditions was confirmed in press release, NASA, No. 17-001.
On January 28, 2017 in the forest near Moscow the crew consisting of Anton Shkaplerov, Janet Epps and Alexander Gerst began training in actions after landing in the wooded and marshy area in winter.

December 2017.
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