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Mark Thomas Vande Hei

Lieutenant Colonel, US Army,
NASA astronaut, US

Born on November 10, 1966 in Falls Church, Virginia.

In 1989 he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Physics from Saint Johns University. In 1999 he received a Master of Science degree in Applied Physics from Stanford University.

FAMILY STATUS: Married, has two children.

HOBBY: cycling, diving, hiking, canoeing, windsurfing.

Vande Hei serves in the US Army. By the time of recruitment for the Astronaut Corps he served in a special Unit attached to NASA. He worked as the ISS operator at the Johnson Space Center.
On June 29, 2009 he was enlisted in the NASA Astronaut Corps (the 20th selection, NASA) as an astronaut candidate. Vande Hei completed a two-year course of general space training in July 2011 and was qualified as an astronaut.
On July 6, 2015 he in the prime crew of the ISS 51/52 together with Aleksandr Misurkin and Nikolai Tikhonov began training at Yu.A. Gagarin CTC.
On August 6, 2015 his assignment to the crew of the ISS-51/52 Expedition was confirmed by NASA press release No. 15-161.
On January 25-27, 2016 Vande Hei together with Aleksandr Misurkin and Nikolai Tikhonov undergone training to take actions in case of the emergency landing in the wooded/marshy area in winter. For 72 hours the crew practiced operations required for survival in case of the descent vehicle emergency landing.

September 2016.
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