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Sergei Nikolaevich RYZHIKOV

Air Force Lieutenant-Colonel, reserve
Test Cosmonaut,
Yu.A. Gagarin CTC, Russia

August 19, 1974, Bugulma, Tatar ASSR, Russia.

In 1992 Sergei Ryzhikov graduated from the Orenburg Higher Military Aviation Red Banner Pilot School after I.S. Polbin.
In 1996 he graduated from the Kachinsk Higher Military Aviation Pilot School.

Divorced, brings up a son.

Military pilot 2-nd class. Mastered aircraft L-39 (flying time is 287 hours) and MiG-29 (logged more than 150 hours). A jumpmaster. Made 110 jumps. From October 1996 to February 1997 he served as a pilot of the Air Force troop unit, the 37-th Air Army and from February to July 1997 he was a senior pilot of the Air Force troop unit, special Command. From July 1997 to his enrollment in the cosmonaut detachment he served as a senior pilot, flight commander, Chief of Staff Deputy Commander of the squadron, flight commander of the Air Force troop unit, the 14-th Air Army (Chita Region), Siberian Military District. By Order of the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation in May-July 2012 he was dismissed from the Armed Forces.

Sergei Ryzhikov passed a medical examination at IBMP. On August 8, 2006 he was submitted to Chief Medical Board (CMB), becoming a contender for the enrollment in the cosmonaut detachment during the cosmonaut selection in 2006. On October 11, 2006 at the Interdepartmental Commission meeting for selecting cosmonauts he was recommended for the enlistment as a cosmonaut candidate of CTC detachment.

On February 26, 2007 he began to pass a two-year course of general space training. At a period of June 16 22, 2008 in Sevastopol (the Ukraine) Sergei Ryzhikov participated in the training within the preliminary crew together with Shonnon Walker and Timothy Creamer (they both are U.S. astronauts) in case of the descent module landing to water.

On June 2, 2009 he completed general space training (GST), having passed the state exams at CTC with an excellent mark. On June 9 at the Interdepartmental Qualification Commission (IDQC) meeting he was qualified as a test cosmonaut and handed in cosmonaut certificate No.204. By Order of CTC Head Sergei Krikalev on August 1, 2009 he was appointed as test cosmonaut of CTC detachment.
In October 2009 at the Baikonur Cosmodrome he took part in the training in Mini Research Module (MRM).
At a meeting of the Interdepartmental Commission for selection of cosmonauts and their assignment to the crews of the manned spacecraft and stations on April 26, 2010 he was qualified as a cosmonaut of Yu.A. Gagarin CTC detachment.

At a period of July 15 17, 2010 in Kazakhstan Sergei Ryzhikov within the preliminary crew together with Oleg Novitsky and Elena Serova participated in the training to survive in the desert and semi-desert.
On August 2 5, 2010 Sergei Ryzhikov took part in the training for visual instrumental observations from the aircraft near Severomorsk of Murmansk region during which the ecological monitoring tasks and also the tasks related to the object observation were tested and performed.

In October 2014 at a forum of journal News of Cosmonautics it was reported about his possible appointment to the crew of ISS-49/50; the launch of this Expedition was planned to be performed by the Soyuz MC-02 spacecraft.
At the Interdepartmental Commission meeting held on December 16, 2014 for selecting cosmonauts and their assignment to the crews of the manned spacecraft and stations his assignment to the backup crew of ISS-47/48 long-duration Expedition and to the prime crew of ISS 49/50 long-duration Expedition was approved.

On January 27-29, 2015 Sergei Ryzhikov within the crew together with Andrei Borisenko and Robert Kimbrough passed a two-day training for actions in case of an emergency landing in the wooded-marshy area in winter. For 48 hours the crew practised the required operations for survival in case of the descent module emergency landing.
On July 3, 2015 at Noginsk Rescue Center EMERCOM of Russia Sergei Ryzhikov together with Andrei Borisenko and Robert Kimbrough completed a series of trainings commenced on July 1 for actions upon SC landing to the water surface. That day the crew performed operations for putting off spacesuit Sokol-KV-2, putting on flight suits (FS-14), heat-protective suits (HPS-14) and diving suit Forel for an hour inside the descent module. After that the crew left the descent module taking survival kit Granat-6 and landed.

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