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Kathleen Rubins

NASA Astronaut, USA

Born on October 10, 1978 in Farmington, Connecticut.

In 1999 she received a bachelor is degree in molecular biology from the University of California in San Diego.
In 2005 Kathleen Rubens received PhD in microbiology from Stanford University.


HOBBY: Scuba diving, triathlon.

She worked at the Institute of Biological Studies, was engaged in studying the problem of human immunodeficiency virus.
Upon graduation from Stanford University she studied the smallpox and the Ebola virus at the Disease Control Center and the Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases of the US Army.
Kathleen Rubens worked as a lead researcher at the Whitehead Institute of Biomedical Research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She participated in research in Kongo.

On June 29, 2009 she was enrolled in NASA Astronaut Corps (the 20-th selection, NASA) as an astronaut candidate. In late September 2011 it was reported that she successfully completed the course of general space training.

In spring 2014 there was a message with regard to her assignment as flight engineer-2 of the Soyuz TMA-20M MTV, ISS-48/49 Expedition.

On December 16, 2014 at a meeting of the Interdepartmental Commission for selecting astronauts and their assignment to the manned spacecraft and station crews her for assignment to the backup crew of ISS-46/47 long-duration Expedition and to the prime crew of ISS-48/49 long-duration Expedition was approved.

On February 2-4, 2015 Kathleen Rubens together with Aleksandr Ivanishin and Takuya Onishi passed a two-day training for actions in case of an emergency landing in the wooded-marshy area in winter. For 48 hours the crew practiced operations necessary for survival in case of the descent module emergency landing.

December 2015.
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