Expedition 43/44 (ISS-43/44)

Experiments Program

During Increment 43 and 44, 688 sessions in 72 experiments are planned to be implemented.
54 experiments were initiated in the previous Increments, 12 experiments (Algometriya, Vzaimodeistviye-2, DAN, Kontent, Korrektsiya, Neiroimmunitet, Movement of fluids, Pilot -, UDOD, Constanta -2, Produtsent, Fagen) are new experiments.
New experiment "OASIS" is performed according to NASA/Roscosmos protocol of July 18, 2013; five experiments "Cognition", "Fine Motor Skills", "Reaction Self-Test", "Ocular Health" and "Sleep Monitoring" are NASA medical experiments and are performed within a one-year spaceflight with the participation of the Russian cosmonaut.

Breakdown of Experiments by Research Areas

Research Area Experiment Name
Physico-chemical processes and materials in space conditions Kristallizator, Plazma Crystal
Earth and space sciences BTN-Neutron, Napor-mini RSA, Obstanovka, Relaksatsia, Seismoprognoz, Uragan, Ekon-M
Man in space Algometriya, Biocard , Biosignal , Vzaimodeystviye-2, Virtual, DAN, Immuno, Cardiovector, Kontent, Korrectsiya, Cosmocard, Matryoshka-R, MORZE, Motocard, Neuroimmunitet, Parodont-2, Movement of fluids, Pilot-T, SPLANH, UDOD
Space biology and biotechnology Aseptik, Bacteriofag, Biodegradatsia, Biorisk, Bioemulsia, Kaltsiy, Kaskad, Konstanta-2, Conjugation, Poligen, Produtsent, Regeneratsia-1, Struktura, Fagen, Phoenix
Technologies of space exploration Albedo, Bar, Biopolimer, Vector-T, Vibrolab, Vizir, VIRU, Identifikatsiya, Izgib, Kontrol, Otklik, Proboy, Sreda-MKS, Test, Epsilon-NEP
Education and promotion of space research Great Start, Kulonovskiy Kristall, About Gagarin from Space
Contract works and experiments "EXPOSE-R"
Experiments, performed according to the NASA-Roscosmos protokol dated July 18, 2013 SPHERES - ZeroRobotics, EarthKAM, OASIS, Microbiological monitoring
NASA experiments, implemented by russian cosmonaut within the annual medical program Cognition, Fine Motor Skills, Ocular Health, Reaction Self-Test, Sleep Monitoring


For implementation of the experiments program the following is required:


Ascent to ISS RS:

by Soyuz TMA-16M
by Soyuz TMA-17M
by Soyuz TMA-18M
by Progress M-27M
by Progress M-28M



  27,37 kg
    7,74 kg
    8,90 kg
  34,09 kg
  27,05 kg

105,15 kg

Return of materials with SE results:

by Soyuz TMA-15M
by Soyuz TMA-16M



    9,36 kg
  28,60 kg

  37,96 kg



Daily average

up to 0,5 kW

526 W



In the ISS-43/44 phase

Flight Engineer-4 ISS-43 Anton Shkaplerov (Russia)
Flight Engineer-1 ISS-43 / Commander ISS-44
Gennady Padalka (Russia)
Flight Engineer-2 ISS-43/44 Mikhail Kornienko (Russia)
Flight Engineer-4 ISS-44 Oleg Kononenko (Russia)
Flight Engineer-7 ISS-44 Sergey Volkov (Russia)



  84 h 05 min

338 h 10 min
219 h 00 min
244 h 35 min
    6 h 40 min

892 h 30 min

  • Sample Kits
  • Electronic data carriers
  • Onboard logbook sheets
  • Telemetry data

39 units
54 units
22 sheets
288,7 Gbyte