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Steven Ray SWANSON

NASA Astronaut

Born on December 3, 1960 in Syracuse, New York, but considers Steamboat Springs, Colorado to be his hometown.

In 1979 graduated from Steamboat Springs High School in Steamboat Springs.
In 1983 received a bachelor of science degree in engineering physics from the University of Colorado.
In 1986 received a master of science in computer systems from Florida Atlantic University.
In 1998 received a doctorate in computer science from Texas A&M University.

Wife: Mary Drake Young, they have three children.

HOBBY: mountain biking, basketball, skiing, weight lifting, trail running, woodworking.

Decorated with NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal.

In 1986 - 1987 Swanson worked for GTE in Phoenix, Arizona as a software engineer for telephone systems.
Since 1987 he worked at NASA Johnson Space Center in the Aircraft Operations Division on the Shuttle Training Aircraft. Swanson took part in the test and training flights at an altitude of 10 km. From 1989 he worked as a flight test engineer of the Shuttle Training Aircraft (STA). Swanson was engaged in the improvement of the STA's navigation and control systems and the incorporation of a real-time wind determination algorithm.
In June 1998 he was enlisted in the NASA Astronaut Corps., as a mission specialist (the 17-th selection). From August 1998 Swanson passed a course of general space training. Upon completion of his training in August 1999 he was qualified as a mission specialist and assigned to the NASA Astronaut Office.
He works in the Space Station Operations Branch.
On February 9, 2005 Swanson was assigned as a mission specialist to the crew of shuttle (STS-117) the flight of which was planned to be performed in 2007.

He performed his first space flight on June 9 - 23, 2007 as a mission specialist of STS-117 Atlantis.
The mission objective was to activate SARJ system on S3 and S4 truss segments, install protection against space debris on Destiny Module, as well as to run a computer network cable between the USOS and the Russian Segment of the Station.
During the mission he performed two EVAs: on June 13 - the duration was 7 hours 16 min; on June 17 - the duration was 6 hours 29 min.
The mission duration was 13 days 20 hr 12 min.

In October 2007 it was announced that Steven Swanson was assigned as a mission specialist to the crew of shuttle (STS-119) the launch of which was planned to be performed in November 2008.

He performed his second space flight on March 16 - 28, 2009 as a mission specialist of STS-119 Discovery Shuttle.
The mission objective was to install as part of S6, the set of starboard solar arrays, prepare for the solar array dismantling on 6 segment, mount NavStar (GPS) navigation satellite system antenna on Japanese Module Kibo, photo outboard radiator panels of the USOS.
During the mission Steven Swanson performed two EVAS: on March 19 - the duration was 6 hours, 07 min, on March 21 - the duration was 6 hours 30 min.
The mission duration was 12 days 19 hr 30 min.

On July 25, 2011 on the site of the News of Cosmonautics journal forum it was reported that Steven Swanson was assigned to the prime crew of the ISS-39/40 Expedition.

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