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TARELKIN Evgeny Igorevich

AF Lieutenant-Colonel
Test Cosmonaut
Yu.A. Gagarin CTC, Russia

December 29, 1974, Pervomaisk, Chita region, RSFSR

In 1996 he graduated from Eisk Higher Military Pilot School.
In 1998 Tarelkin graduated from Yu.A. Gagarin Air-Force Academy.

They have a daughter.

Since 1998 he served at CTC NII as a senior flight test engineer. He flied airplanes L-39 and L-29, made about 500 parachute jumps.
On march 1, 2002 at the meeting of the Chief Medical Board Tarelkin was allowed to get special training (on the basis of a positive resolution of the board). On May 29, 2003 at the meeting of the Interdepartmental Committee for cosmonaut selection he was enlisted in the cosmonaut detachment to pass general space training (GST).
Since June 16, 2003 Tarelkin began GST and completed it on June 27, 2005 having passed state examinations with an excellent mark. At the meeting of the Interdepartmental Committee on July 5, 2005 he was qualified as a test cosmonaut.
In May 2006 he was sent on a mission to Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center (USA) as Yu.A. Gagarin CTC representative. By orders of the Defence Minister and Head of Yu.A. Gagarin CTC NII, dated August 1, 2009 Tarelkin was transferred from the eliminated detachment of CTC NII to Yu.A. Gagarin CTC NII detachment. He is the cosmonaut detachment team commander of Yu.A. Gagarin CT NII.
At a period of January 20 to February 2, 2010 Tarelkin within the preliminary crew together with Oleg Skripochka and Alexandr Kaleri participated in two-day trainings for survival in the deserted area in case of the descent module emergency landing. These trainings were provided in the forest near Moscow.
At the meeting of the Interdepartmental Committee for selection of cosmonauts and their assignment to the manned vehicles and stations crews on April 26, 2010 he was certified as a cosmonaut of Yu.A. Gagarin CTC NII detachment.
In the flight program for the ISS crews till 2013, which was issued by NASA on June 2, 2010 there was information that Tarelkin was assigned to the prime crew of ISS-33/34.
On July 8, 2010 his assignment was officially confirmed by NASA in release 10-161.
On August 2-5, 2010 he took part in trainings for visual-instrumental observations from board the plane within the Seveomorsk territory, Murmansk region, during which the object observation tasks were performed, as well as the tasks of ecological monitoring.
On October 12, 2010 the Interdepartmental Committee for selection of cosmonauts and their assignment to the manned vehicles crews declared that he was assigned to the backup crew of ISS-31/32.

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