ISS-59 mission

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ISS crew:

Commander -
Oleg Kononenko
Flight engineers:
David Saint-Jaques
Ann McClain
Ovchinin Alexey
Nick Hague
Christina Koch


Планета Королёва


July 29, 2012.
Transport cargo space vehicle Progress M-15M is docked to the International Space Station

On July 29 at 05 hours: 00 minutes Moscow Time (MT) transport manned vehicle (TCV) Progress M-15M was docked to the International Space Station (ISS) in accordance with the test program for a new docking system of Russian space vehicles. Transport cargo vehicle has docked to the ISS Russian Segment Pirs compartment docking module.

The operation is aimed at continuing flight tests of the space vehicle-based new system Kurs-NA designed to search, conduct rendezvous and docking of the space vehicle with the station.

The rendezvous and docking operations were performed in an automatic mode under the direction of the Lead Operations Control Team (LOCT) based at Moscow Mission Control Center (MCC-M) V.A. Solovyov, the first Deputy General Designer of RSC Energia is the Flight Director.


For reference:

  1. On July 23, at 00 hours: 26 minutes Moscow Time, Cargo vehicle Progress M-15M undocked from the docking module of the Pirs compartment.
  2. Successful testing of Kurs-NA system will make it possible to outfit transport vehicles Progress with it, as well as manned space vehicles Soyuz.
  3. The equipment for the new system of search, rendezvous and docking is fully manufactured in the RF using new electric, electronic and electromechanic parts.
  4. Final departure of space vehicle Progress M-15M from the station is scheduled to occur on July 30, 2012,at 19 hours: 35 minutes Moscow Time.


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April 4, 2019
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March 14, 2019
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