ISS-59 mission

Main tasks


ISS crew:

Commander -
Oleg Kononenko
Flight engineers:
David Saint-Jaques
Ann McClain
Ovchinin Alexey
Nick Hague
Christina Koch


Планета Королёва


April 27, 2011.
RSC Energia after S.P. Korolev,
Baikonur branch - Cosmodrome Baikonur

At 17 hours: 05 minutes: 21 seconds Moscow Time transport cargo vehicle Progress M-10M was launched.

The launch is aimed at ensuring further in-orbit operation of the International Space Station (ISS) in accordance with the Russian side obligations undertaken under this Project.

Main mission task is to deliver different cargoes of more than 2.6 tons by mass onboard the station. These cargoes are necessary for crew life support and sustained ISS flight in a manned mode. Also these cargoes include a stowage with Georgievsky ribbons to be delivered to the ISS under the action known as "Georgievsky Ribbon-2011".

The space vehicle is placed into reference near-earth orbit with the following parameters: inclination of 51,64 degrees; a minimum altitude of 193,83 km; a maximum altitude is 245,91 km; Earth orbital period is 88,62 min.

Onboard systems of the space vehicle operate in design modes.

At the Cosmodrome, space vehicle prelaunch processing and launch operations were performed under the direction of the State Committee (with A.N. Perminov as its Chairman, Roscosmos Head). The Committee took a decision on implementing prelaunch processing and launch stages based upon the conclusions drawn by the Technical Management headed by V.A. Lopota, the President of RSC Energia after S.P. Korolev, General Designer.

By telemetry information and reports generated by ISS-27 Prime Crew members, the station onboard systems operate in design modes. The station is ready to dock with the space vehicle.

On April 29, 2011 at 18 hours: 29 minutes Moscow Time the docking is scheduled to occur.


 For reference:
  1. Compartments of the space vehicle placed into orbit contain reserves of propellant, food, water and consumables, as well as the hardware for the ISS American Segment and the stowage with the Georgievsky ribbons in honour of the 66th anniversary of the Victory won in the Great Patriotic War. In 2007 the ribbons were for the first time delivered onboard the ISS by cargo vehicle Progress M-45. Since 2005, the action known as the Georgievsky Ribbon was initiated by RAMI "RIA Novosti" and public organization "Student community". By now it has enjoyed support in more than 60 countries.
  2. Under the ISS Program, the following astronauts and cosmonauts are currently working in near-earth orbit: Russian cosmonauts Dmitriy Kondratiev (ISS-27 crew commander), Andrei Borisenko, Alexander Samokutiayev and NASA and ESA astronauts Paolo Nespoly, Catherine Colman, Ronald Garan.
  3. Progress M-10M is the 42hd Russian space cargo vehicle launched to the ISS under this Project and the tenth space vehicle from a new range of transport cargo vehicles Progress-M with enhanced flight characteristics and manufactured by RSC Energia in cooperation with the industry-wide enterprises and organizations.




April 4, 2019
LV Soyuz-2.1a with CV Progress MS-11 is launched
March 14, 2019
LV Soyuz-FG with SC Soyuz MS-12 is launched



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