ISS-64 mission


ISS crew:

Commander -
Sergey Ryzhikov
Flight engineers:
Sergey Kud-Sverchkov
Kathleen Rubins
Michael Hopkins
Victor Glover
Shannon Walker
Soichi Noguchi


Планета Королёва


August 12, 2010. S.P.Korolev RSC Energia,
Korolev, Moscow region

S.P. Korolev Rocket-Space Corporation Energia hosted scheduled training sessions under the Program for the International Space Station (ISS) forth coming expeditions crew training.

The corporation specialists performed training sessions with Russsian test cosmonauts A. Kaleri, O. Skripochka, O. Kononenko, A. Ivanishin, as well as NASA astronaut K. Colman and ESA astronaut P. Nespoly.

During the whole working day, cosmonauts A. Kaleri, O. Skripochka and O. Kononenko were acquainted with the procedure for conducting scientific experiment "Matreshka-R", amateur radio communication, pipeline pressurization equipment on the ISS Russian Segment (RS); "Istochnik" equipment and onboard simulators. "Sigma" program of ballistic-navigation display of flight environment was tested, as well as a changed version of software for intercomputer exchange channel between the ISS RS and Moscow Mission Control Center was validated.

The Corporation specialists familiarized astronauts K. Colman, P. Nespoly and cosmonaut A. Ivanishin with manned space vehicle Soyuz TMA optical-visual equipment, methods to monitor the ISS RS window condition; structure of cargo space vehicle Progress M; performed training sessions having to do with the following topics: "Handling docking assemblies on training mockup "Docking", "Return Cargo Stowage".

Also cosmonauts and astronauts were given lessons in photographic and video equipment, which they will operate on the ISS RS.



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