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05/04/2003 Korolev, Moscow region
The crew of Expedition Six to the International Space Station - NASA astronauts Kenneth Bowersox (Commander), Donald Pettit (Flight Engineer) and Russian cosmonaut Nikolai Budarin (Flight Engineer, test cosmonaut of RSC Energia) - returned to Earth in the Descent Vehicle of Soyuz TMA-1 spacecraft upon completion of a 161-day mission plan.

05/30/2002 Korolev, Moscow region
S.P.Korolev RSC Energia hosted one more of the regular training sessions for the main and backup crews of the sixth Expedition to the International Space Station (ISS-6).
In the course of the session, K.Bowersox, D.Thomas and N.Budarin (main crew), as well as M.Fincke, D.Pettit and S.Sharipov (backup crew) were practicing, under the guidance of Corporation specialists, techniques of working with the maintenance and repair equipment of the ISS Russian Segment.

05/28/2002 Korolev, Moscow region
The training of crews for the sixth Expedition to the International Space Station (ISS-6) continues.
S.P.Korolev RSC Energia hosted training session for the crews. The main crew - K.Bowersox (commander), D.Thomas (flight engineer) and N.Budarin (flight engineer and pilot), as well as members of the backup crew - D.Pettit (flight engineer) and S.Sharipov (flight engineer and pilot) acquainted themselves with video and photographic equipment included into the on-board equipment of the ISS Russian Segment, and had training sessions in inter-computer data exchanges via on-board communications systems.

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