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Serguey Evguenyevich TRESHCHEV

Test-cosmonaut at Korolev Rocket&Space Corporation "Energia", Russia

DATE AND PLACE OF BIRTH: August 18, 1958, Krasni Kustar, Volynskiy Region, Lipetsk Area. Father - Evgueniy Georgievich Treshchev, born 1933. Mother - Nina Davydovna Treshcheva, born in 1939.

EDUCATION: in 1976 he graduated from technical school as electric welder, in 1982 - Moscow Power Institute by speciality of "engineer-teacher of electrical power disciplines".

Wife - Elvira Viktorovna Treshcheva, born 1963.
Son - Dmitriy, born in 1988.
Son - Aleksey, born in 1992.

HOBBY: football, volleyball, basketball, hockey, tennis, photo- and video-shooting, tourism.

EXPERIENCE: From August 29, 1984 till September, 1986, he worked as a repairman of electrical equipment at the Experimental Machine Building Plant (ZEM) at RSC Energia. From September 1986 - has been an engineer at RSC Energia. He dealt with analysis and design of cosmonaut activity at the Orbital Station and their engineering training in flight and also arrangement of cosmonaut preflight training. He conducted drills for the crews at the Mir station mockups, took part in the testing of the Mir station Kvant-2 module ground facility, adjustment of the life support system.
On May 13, 1992, he was put on the list of the cosmonaut team.
From October, 1992, till 1997 he was under general space training and training as a part of the cosmonaut team for the Mir station project.
From March, 1997, till January, 1998, he was under training for flight to the Mir station as flight engineer of the backup crew by the 25-th mission program.
From March, 1998, till August 15, 1999, he was under training for space flight as a flight engineer for main crew, mission 27 to the Mir station. The training was stopped due to changes in the flight program and need to take a French cosmonaut in the crew.
From October, 1998, till January, 1999, he was under training in the team for the ISS flights.
From June 15, 1999, till July 6, 2000, he was under training as flight engineer of backup ISS-1R crew for the ISS - crew return vehicle program.
Currently he is under training as flight engineer for ISS-3 backup crew and flight engineer of ISS-5 prime crew.

May 2002.

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