Expedition 5 (ISS-5)


  • Launch of ISS-5 crew on the Space Shuttle in Flight UF2;
  • Operational support for undocking of spacecrafts Progress M1-8, Soyuz TM-34;
  • Operational support for docking Progress M1-9;
  • Operational support for docking/undocking of spacecraft Progress M-46, Soyuz TMA-1 and Space Shuttle in Flights 9A and 11A;
  • Unloading of Progress, Soyuz spacecrafts and Space Shuttle;
  • Redocking of vehicle Soyuz TM-34 from Pirs DC1 to FGB Zarya;
  • Extravehicular activities - two EVAs on the ISS RS from Docking Compartment DC1 Pirs;
  • Support of Station functionality;
  • Performance of the science and application research program and experiments, as well as contract-based commercial activities;
  • Conduct of the activities under the Visiting Crew Program VC-4;
  • Crew handover to Expedition ISS-6 and return of ISS-5 crew to Earth on the Space Shuttle in Flight UF2.